Master and Margarita (in English)

I am currently reading "Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov. I read until Chapter 5 (The Incident at Griboyedov). Could someone explain to me what is Griboyedov. It is difficult for me to understand this house with many people.

material beings

You know, everyTHING is made of materials. I mean everything we can touch, that is. Tables, cars, water, apples, air.... everyTHING. We humans, too are made of materials. We are all composed of atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons. You and I, some might say, the only difference between you and I are number of electrons, neutrons and protons. But is that true?

I think the most wonderful thing about human beings is the ability to IMAGINE. Humans can come up with images inside own brain that is never the same in anyone else's head. Every beings' creation in the head is different from everyone else's.
What is imagination anyways, where does that come from? Why should humans, made up of materials such as electrons, neutrons and protons, imagine anythings anyways. How could combinations of dumb electrons, neutons and protons create untouchable images in the head? That's STRANGE and WONDERFUL.

a walk after work

Today I walked from Triton Square in Kachidoki to Monzennakacho Eidan Tozai Line train station after work. My colleague, Michael, who lives in Monzennakacho was sick today so I walked alone. The night sky was clear, temperature was cold. There was a mood, a mood of calm, quiet time alone for a very relaxing slow walk at night in the after hours of a usual work day in Tokyo.
I had walked to Monzennacho from Kachidoki before; going through Tsukishima and the capital of Monja-yaki and through Rivercity 21 an Apartment Complex for the riches. But this time I decided to take a different path. I went over Aioi bashi which connects Tsukishima Island and Koto-ward. The bridge is over Sumidagawa river. My leg muscles were sore from playing soccer on the weekend. I could only walk very slowly. My legs muscles just above my knees still hurt whenever I take a step. I walked with probably half the usual speed. This was the perfect pace today. I was walking on the streets of Tokyo. Real Tokyo, not Shibuya, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro. This was more REAL to me than the usual noisy towns I usually go to have fun with friends. I was walking on streets where normal Tokkyo-jins work, chat and live. I thought I saw a different side of Tokyo today. What I saw was not the usual bustling busy crowded Tokyo, nor was it culturally unique streets with Nakamise or shrines and temples of Shitamachi. The streets I walked on today was just very normal.
I am starting to like Tokyo more I get to know it.